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Carbon offsetting
The Original Condom Company is committed to providing protection to our planet. We are aware of our carbon emissions and have organized the carbon offsetting of our products.

This means that our company analyzes its own gas emissions (carbon balance) and their costs, and buys on a regular basis an equivalent amount of carbon credits through a specific agency.
Carbon emitted for 1 million condoms
What does carbon offsetting mean ?
The greenhouse gases emitted by a factory are gauged and the first step is to decrease them.
The next one is to finance a plan of greenhouse gas reduction or of carbon sink, reforesting or renewable energy.
This will help reduce an equivalent volume of greenhouse gas somewhere else on the planet.
A given quantity of carbon gas stored some place can be offset by the decrease of an equivalent quantity of carbon gas in another place.
The Kyoto Protocol has set up this process which takes into account a geographical neutrality.
It is important to point that the voluntary carbon offsetting must be organized in order to keep the carbon ratio at a level of 0 and should always support the carrying out of sustainable energy answers or efforts in order to decrease the gas emissions.
More forests...
There are many ways  to get a carbon credit.
The Original Condom  Company is particulary interested in one of them : 
Forests and plants absorb the carbon dioxide.
Therefore, one can reduce the greenhouse gas by planting more trees.
The storage of carbon in forests belongs to a natural cycle in which the carbon dioxide is absorbed by plants, especially forests.