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Among the world wide standards concerning the manufactured products’ quality, the « NF » standard is certainly one of the most meticulous.
That is the reason why we have insisted on the point that our products have to correspond to this high standard, along with the other mandatory standards for the U.S territory.
We give priority to the classic condom shape, which has been used for years in France, in order to respect our traditions and values.
Pin Hole test : 100% individually electronic testing to screen pinholes and thin spots.
Tensile test : Checking the elasticity and strength of the condom.
Air Burst Test : Determination of the strength of the entire product.
Electronic water Test : The condoms are screened electronically to detect holes.
Water Leakage Test : The condoms are screened manually to detect holes.
Package Integrity Test : Lubricated condom packaged with aluminium foil are tested to ensure that the foil is hermetically sealed and free of voids and holes.
Aging Test : An accelerated temperature is applied to stimulate the effect of time on the condom.
NF EN600 1996 European Prophylactic Standard.
CE 120   The 'CE' mark tells to customers that the product complies with the Highest 'EU' standards.
WHO  1998 World Health Organization Tender Standard.
ASTM D 3492-2003 United States ASTM Standard.
ISO 4074 (2002)  Well-Recognized International Standard.
TGA  Australia Therapeutic Goods Administration.
TPD  Canada Therapeutic Products Directorate (Health Canada Medical Devices Bureau).
US FDA 510 (K) Center For Devices and Radiological Health (CRDH).
RUSSIA MOH Russia Ministry of Health.
MEDSAFE New Zealand Medecines and Medical Devices Safety Authority