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The Original Condom Team : talented engineers, expert in their domains
Gil De Bizemont : CEO and art director
Charles Emmanuel de Bourbon Parme : CEO
Luc Bonnin - Revelis (high quality website creation) : Website manager - architect developper and technical director
Isabelle Bui:Sales manager

The Original Condom Company was founded in 2009, in Paris, France. At the beginning, two friends from boarding school (Charles Emmanuel and Gil) , had a clever idea: change the image of condoms. Bring elegance, humour and somehow a taste of "french touch", to a very conventional product, which is most of the time hidden in the shade...
Gil has a degree in Architecture. He is also a graduate of the famous Beaux-Arts of Paris. Gil is now a designer, working for various major french companies.
Charles Emmanuel spent ten years in the United States, he is a graduate of Atlantic College, in Florida. After numerous successes in the industry, he could not resist launching such an amazing project.
The Team has been growing since the first draft for the First Luxury Condom, until now...

Gil Debizemont - Charles Emmanuel de bourbon Parme - Luc Bonnin - Isabelle Bui