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The Original Condom : Safe sex with elegance. First brand of luxury condoms
The Original Condom Company is the first brand of luxury condom in the world !
Luxury, condom and elegance owing to the tradional french touch : so sexy and so chic !
We sell elegant, chic and beautiful luxury condom from the original place of Condom, France.
We taking care of your health with original condom and we also protect the planet owing to carbon offsetting.
Elegance, luxury and ecology can be used together owing to the luxury condom The Original Condom !
Buy one of The Original condom company product and your partner will see your elegance and your particular "french touch" so sexy and so chic !

First luxury condom, chic and elegant, with this particular "French touch", The Original Condom Conmpany headquarter is located in the town of Condom, in the south of France.
Unlike an ordinary condom, The Original Condom serves for purposes to protect our humanity and our planet by working with NGOs that fight against the AIDS pandemic, and by offsetting carbon emissions during the production process as a part of new treeplant projects.
Our messagge is: Safe Sex with elegance, chic and eco-aware.